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Resident & Owner Portal

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Communication & Transparency

We pride ourselves on being open & transparent with our owner clients. With that all owners will receive access to a “Owner Portal” where they will be able to in real time see what each of their properties, tenants, & managers are doing 24/7.

As real estate investors ourselves we understand how unsettling it can be to hand over the keys to one of your core investments. Not knowing what if they property is being taken care of or if rents are being collected on time.

You will be grated access to all your properties activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections, and financial reports, & much more!

We believe this helps our clients remain in control of their investments as well as have the flexibility to live their lives, which is why you hired us in the first place.

Marketing & Advertising

We understand that every single day a property stays vacant, is money flying right out of the window. That is why at SRG we put a lot of time into properly marketing property to decrease how long your property stays vacant.

Show Realty Group will ensure your vacant property is listed on all major rental & classified like Apartments.com, Lovely.com, Zillow, Zumper, Dewellsy.com, & more! You will as well be provided an SRG “For Rent” sign to help harness your property's nature advertising advantages.

Lastly, we will have one of our dedicated leasing professionals promptly respond & follow up with all inquiries on your property, as well as provide prospective tenants with an in-person home tour, as well as all information they need to help make their decision.

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High Standard Tenant Screening

Putting the wrong tenant in the wrong property can cost rental owners thousands of dollars & ruin the properties chances at profitability for a handful of years if not more.

That is why at SRG we take high standards approach to finding the right tenant. Every prospective tenant is evaluated based on the following categories:

  • Credit

  • Criminal background

  • Sex offender registry

  • Employment verification

  • Rental history

We try to be as thorough as possible we also strictly comply with all applicable laws which include Fair Housing and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Once a qualified tenant is found we ensure that tenant has provided everything needed before they are given the keys which include the following:

  • All deposits

  • First month’s rent

  • Signed lease

  • Signed move in condition checklist

  • Proof of all utilities being transferred

  • Proof of renters insurance

Full-Service Leasing

We take care of your properties from Lease to Move out, we handle it every step of the way. Your assigned leasing professional will ensure all contracts are prepared & executed accurately.

We will also coach each tenant on their role in maintaining your property to help prevent unforeseen costs for both the owner & the tenant. They will also collect in a timely fashion all rent, deposits, and any fees in line with all legal and financial regulations, which are recorded in your “Owner Portal”.

Also, when your tenant moves out your leasing professional & tenants will conduct a final walk-through to document the property's condition. The agent will then take that information to finish deposit accounting, as well as calculate the expected cost to get your property back to market-ready condition.

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Plumber at Work

Maintenance & Vendor Coordination

Maintenance can be, if not is just as important as the right Management. Picking the right maintenance team can be the difference between being profitable and not. If done incorrectly it can not only impact your profits in the short term but can cause other issues in the future if the work isn’t done right.

That is why at Show Realty Group we spend a lot of time finding the right vendors and maintenance team members to help keep your profits in the green. In the long term, the right maintenance team will pay for itself.

We ensure all vendors are licensed, bonded, & insured before they step foot on your property, as well we ensure all our team members have all the proper training needed to complete their tasks.

Our motto on the maintenance side of Property Management is “Minimize cost, without minimizing quality.”

Compliant Evictions

Even though we spend a lot of time on picking a qualified tenant, evictions may still arrive for any number of reasons. Though we are rarely required to evict a tenant due to our screening process, we take a strict & compliant approach to evictions.

Our team is very knowledgeable on all state, local landlord, and tenant laws. If a tenant has failed to pay rent on time or breaches the terms of their lease, Show Realty Group will initiate all proper legal steps in the fastest possible timeframe to limit costs and get possession of your property back as soon as possible.

Accountant at Work

Transparent Accounting

We strive as your Property Managers to maximize your rental income and minimize all expenses. Though SRGs “Owner Portal” will give you access to real-time accounting that shows all incomes & expenses as they come up. This will help you track your investment 24/7 & help prevent any surprises when it comes to cost.

Our accounting and reporting system, with itemized statements and tax documents, keeps your property management financial information always organized and in one place.


Cory was, without a doubt, the best landlord I have ever had. He responded quickly and was always so kind and courteous. Little things, like a thoughtful gift and card at Christmas, sum up the type of person he is. I lived in the house I rented from him for so long I ended up buying the house. I never thought I would be a home owner, and it was Cory's encouragement and assistance through the process that made it a reality. I honestly can't say enough about what a great person he is! He is not just a great landlord, but also a great human!